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This wouldn't work, as Mikvah water needs to be contained (Ashboren) not flowing (Zochalin). See Rambam Mikvaot 9:18 for a parallel case.


That verse is specifically referring to someone who wants to eat Truma or Kodshim. Someone who has no intention of eating either of these has no biblical need to do Tevila. See Talmud Bava Kama 82b concerning Ezra's enactment that any man who had a seminal immission should do Tevila. The Talmud asks 'this is a biblical command! (meaning how can we claim ...


Halochakli it is permitted if a chatzitza covers less than half the body (or heir) and it does not bother most of the woman like her (that have her profession) But the minhag is lohathila for mikva no chatzitza at all, ( bidieved if like above (halochakly permited) then OK, (if went home already even more lenient (ask a Rabbi) so that people should not ...

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