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The Talmud states in several places (Yevamos 46b, Kiddushin 62b), based on Biblical exegesis, that 3 people are required to witness something in order for the conversion to be valid: גר צריך שלשה מ"ט (ויקרא כד, כב) משפט כתיב ביה כדין Conversion needs 3. Why? It says "judgement" by conversion, like a court case (which needs a Court of 3 judges). ...


There is another question currently being discussed that touches on similar points. First off, any conversion is done under the assumption of Rabbinic approval (i.e.: that the authority of the conversion rests upon the approval of the rabbis). This is similar to how all marriages are done "Kidas Moshe ViYisroel" with Rabbinic approval, which allows Beis Din ...


A mikvah for vessels has the same requirements as a women's mikvah. As it says here This is interpreted by the Talmud to mean that the vessels should be purified by immersion in the waters used by a niddah for her purification—a mikvah. So a women's mikvah can be used to immerse vessels. If a vessel/container drops into a women's mikvah, it does ...


Not unless it causes so much water to splash out that there are no longer 40 seah left (which is fairly unlikely). If it's kosher for women it's certainly kosher for keilim (other than that the owners might not be happy about its use as a keilim mikva, which could raise its own halachik issues.)

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