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This link from the OU lists Mikvas that are accessible to handicapped people.


It does not need to be in the ground or on the ground it can be part of the house that is connected to the ground and it can be made of parts As we the case brought in the laws of a Mikva on the roof made of stones (usually now it is made or concrete since it sill last a long time(without leaks)) The problem with the vessel is that if a vessel was made to ...


Yd 201.75. Can not do kiss (connection) if the 2 waters are different (temperature) Think you might want to know Yd201.31. If collected water (not rain water) is frozen and then melted it stops being considered connected


It can be made from any material that does not leak, the main issue is that it should not be a vessel It would seem legally ok to use the tube if you make a hole (by the drain) the size of a pomegranate and then seal it with cement and the cement should also be connected to the structure that is connected to the ground But the the rain water that is ...


This wouldn't work, as Mikvah water needs to be contained (Ashboren) not flowing (Zochalin). See Rambam Mikvaot 9:18 for a parallel case.

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