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There is a Tannaic dispute whether or not going to mikveh at the earliest time possible is an independent mitzvah (טבילה בזמנה מצוה או לאו מצוה) (see e.g. Yoma 8a). According to this opinion, a woman would go to the mikveh irrespective of becoming permitted to her husband (as in Niddah 29b where a woman was sent to mikveh many times to account for many ...


The subject of touching is in Shulchan Aruch Yore Deah 195 Shulhan Aruch sayf 17 Shach Sayf koton 20 Gemoroh Shabbos 13 And the main discussion is in Sefer Hamitsvot lavim 353 with the objections of the Ramban. All the interdictions of non-sexual contact are bounded to a sexual risk. the cited gemoroh treat about the couple in prohibed period But your ...


This question has many possible answers. At different times in history, circumstances were different. And so the answer, depending on where you look could vary. But it seems most appropriate to offer the kabbalistic answer most appropriate for this time. This can be found from the Ba'al Shem Tov as written in Keter Shem Tov, page 3:3. It is preferred that ...


According to halacha, the tumot (states of spiritual impurity) that are removed by a mikvah (e.g. nidda, keri), are removed with only one complete submersion. Anything beyond that is at best a custom, either related to mysticism, or as a precaution in case the prior immersions were invalid.

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