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Here is a link to a Drasha from Rabbi Moshe Wolfson Shlita on this topic.


I wish to add to your 8 th note this is true. You see every thing God creat has a root of 7 connected to it He created the heavens and the earth look at the earth 7 continents. 7 oceans and seas. The North Star 7 stars the Big Dipper. Rainbow has 7 colores. There is 7 planets above us we are the 8 th. All the animals came to Noah in groups of 7 and 7 ...


Matos chapter 31 sentence 4. a thousand from a tribe a thousand from a tribe. Verse 5, total of 12,000 to fight. Torah Attitude: Parashas Mattos: The Secret Army Summary G'd instructed Moses to take revenge only against the Midianites and not against the Moabites. For every thousand from the tribes of Israel that went into the army, another thousand ...


Medrash Rabah Parshas Matos is the source of a designated person praying for every one that went to war. שהיו נמסרות זוגות זה לזה


Tosafos (Bava M'tzi'a' 99b, s.v. פרט למזיק) indicate that the exegetical basis for the teaching found in the mishna (Bava Kama 9b, נכסים שאין בהן מעילה) and the Y'rushalmi (Gitin 5:1, דתני רבי חייה נזקין להדיוט ואין נזקין לגבוה) that אדם is not liable for damages to הקדש is found in Chagiga (10b, מעילה דילפא חטא חטא מתרומה), where a גזרה שווה is made between ...


Thank you! Also, apparently, bMenachot 29b: R. Ashi said, I have observed that scribes who are most particular add a vertical stroke to the roof of the letter heth,and suspend the [inner] leg of the letter he. They add a vertical stroke to the roof of the letter heth, signifying thereby that He lives in the heights of the world. (Soncino translation here).

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