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You didn't add the sources regarding Dina marrying Job (included in the text that you marked), here are a few (the rest of your sources are spot on): Baba Batra 15b, similar to Yerushalmi Sotta 25b (translation from here): ויש אומרים איוב בימי יעקב היה ודינה בת יעקב נשא כתיב הכא כדבר אחת הנבלות תדברי וכתיב התם כי נבלה עשה בישראל.‏ Some say that ...


The Leviathan - Babylonian Talmud, Baba Batra 74b The Shor HaBor - Babylonian Talmud, Baba Batra 74b The Light from the first day of creation. Rashi. The Chilazon according to the Arizal source? The bottle of the manna - Horios 12a, Yoma 52b The Aaron with the tablets - Mishna Shekalim 6:1-2, Horios 12a, but see Yoma 53b The anointing oil - Horios 12a, ...


Like can been found in Sefer Orot HaGra, on the section dealing with Torah, the Vilna Gaon expresses the idea that all events and all people from the beginning of time to the end are contained within the five books of Moshe. He explains that all these hermeneutical details are necessary in order to include every detail of creation.

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