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To make light of something important. See Rashi in Megila28a. Kallus means that you make light of them. I am assuming he is learning the word 'rosh' is reffering to the batei kneisios the gemara is discussing, with rosh meaning something important. Apparantly it does not mean to be light headed!


Shulchan Aruch (OC 151:1) lists three examples of kalus rosh, though doesn't define it explicitly: בתי כנסיות ובתי מדרשות אין נוהגין בהם קלות ראש כגון שחוק והתול ושיחה בטילה We don't practice kalus rosh, like mirth, jest, and wasteful conversation, in synagogues and study halls. Mishna B'rura ad loc. clarifies "wasteful conversation": That is: ...


In your question you gave an explanation for the yuhara of her wearing the tzitzis. And i quote "However, a woman wearing one would have such a denigrating effect, because the Rabbis are all wearing one." It seemed like you were still quoting the Ramma. In fact the Ramma gives no explanation. I will send you to another Ramma which can be used to either ...

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