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Firstly I'm not sure why you would want to do that. We learn in the Gemara (פסחים ד' ע"א, בבא מציעא ק"א ע"ב, עבודה זרה כ"א ע"א) and it's codified by the Rambam (Mezuza 5:11) that שֶׁהַמְּזוּזָה חוֹבַת הַדָּר הִיא - the obligation to affix a Mezuza falls on the occupants, and not on the building. In other words, the person living there has a Mitzva to affix ...


There is speculation that it originated with Onkelos (Akeylus?) the convert based on the story in Avodah Zara 11a Onkelos the son of Kalonymus became a proselyte. The emperor sent a contingent of Roman [soldiers] to pursue him, but he enticed them by [citing] Scriptural verses, and they converted to Judaism. The Emperor then sent another Roman cohort, ...

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