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In the Artscroll Mishnayos on Kilayim 1:1, besides bringing the opinion from Y. Felix in the name of Rabbeinu Nosson Av HaYeshivah that it is two rowed barley, the same author is quoted as mentioning the opinion of the Rambam in the commentary there who says it is wild (desert) barely, the wild progenitor of the two rowed barely. Artscroll also quotes the ...


I like this article's explanation as he delves into both the Modern Hebrew as well as Talmudic explanations. Excerpts: As described in the Mishna (Hallah 1:1), the five grains are: chitim, seorim, kusmin, shibolet shual, shifon Chitim are wheat and seorim are barley. We'll discuss kusmin in a future post, but now I'd like to deal with ...


No. There are three categories of grain-based products: "Bread." Always hamotzee. "Snacky, quasi-breadlike substances." (Pas haba beKisnin.) Mezonos, but if you eat them like a meal, then hamotzee. This was the category about which you read. "Definitely not bread." Always mezonos, even if you ate ten pounds of the stuff for dinner. (Though you'd have ...


I believe the answer is: Mezonos because the crust is not insignificant and is chameshes minei dagan. http://revach.net/lists/index.php?bera=1&search=Chicken%20%20Pie&id=151

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