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Zoroastrianism was actually founded many years after Judaism, (see wikipedia) so yeah we did not copy it from them or anyone, we got it from mount sinai directly from hashem in front of millions of witnesses!


As far as I know about the song, "we want moshiach now" it was first sung in 1980 by a group of campers. The Rebbe began clapping along as approval and afterwards encouraged singing it. The song itself was written by campers and then received the Rebbe's approval after it was first sung in front of him. As to why this kindergarten does this after ...


According to the Hattam Soffer (Responsa vol II YD 356) it is not, to use the OP's words "part of Judaism’s foundations", but rather, is "one of its consequences": אך א"א לי בשום אופן להאמין שיהי' גאולתינו א' מעיקרי הדת ושאם יפול היסוד תפול החומה חלילה ושנאמר אלו הי' ח"ו חטאנו גורמים שיגרש אותנו גירוש עולם וכדס"ל לר"ע בעשרת השבטים שהם נדחים לעולם המפני ...

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