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See Gil Students tremendous treatment entitled "Can The Rebbe Be Moshiach?" In Chapter Five called What Counter-proofs can be Brought? Rabbi Student brings the arguments that many meshichist lubavitchers use to argue that the Lubavitcher rebbe was/is/will be Moshiach. From the beggining of the chapter: There are two types of proofs that are brought ...


As one meshichister told a friend of mine, The Rambam explicitly says 'if he is killed'. Dying comfortably of old age or sickness doesn't fit the bill. Disclaimer: the views posted are not the views of the poster.


Rabbi Hillel of Sklov, a student of the Gaon of Vilna, wrote Kol Hator based on the Gaon's teachings. This answer is based more on the title of the question than its content. The Gaon considered King Cyrus, the two Hebrew midwives in Egypt, and others are considered to be on a divine mission, a mission of Moshiach ben Yosef. I can't explain it very well, ...


I'm going to answer this question indirectly. I have had discussions with several Lubavitchers who have come up with some compelling (to them) reasoning how the Rebbe זצ"ל can be Moshiach, which leads inexorably to the conclusion that he must be Moshiach. I'm not going to attempt to express the arguments here, even though you have asked for them, because I ...


There is a question asked, to which I have heard two answers: Chazal teach us that there are many times when Moshiach will not come, such as on Shabbos or Yom Tov (Eruvin 43b). So how can one expect that Moshiach will come at any time? I have heard quoted, but do not know the exact citation of, a teshuva of the Nodeh B'Yehuda (R' Yechezkel Landau) who was ...


Yes. The two groups are perforce distinct. Either your ancestor along the male line is David or Aharon (or neither, of course). It is a simple impossibility to be a descendant of both, along the male line, which is what counts.


This answer demonstrates that the messiah must be human. See also Sanhedrin 98a in the Babylonian talmud, which -- in the midst of a discussion of signs that the messiah has come -- calls the messiah the "son of David" several times. "Son of David" -- that is, a Jewish man descended from King David. A man, not a supernatural being. From the Soncino ...

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