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God knows the future and therefore He cannot regret and "change His mind". He is not bound to time, all of the past and the future are before Him simultaneously as something in the present (as the Rambam wrote on the mishna in Rosh Hashana "all are examined in one sweeping look"). He also told us the covenant with the Jewish people is permanent through His ...


The Chatam Sofer in his responsa section 6:98 (collected answers) states explicitly that Moshiach will not know that he is Moshiach until the time for the redemption is at hand. והנה בהא דביאת בן דוד , צריך אני להציע הוצעה אחת והוא, כמו שהיה משה רבינו ע"ה שהיה הגואל הראשון נזדקן שמונים שנה ולא ידע ולא הרגיש בעצמו שהוא יהיה גואל ישראל, ואפילו ...

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