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It's brought down in some Sichos from the Lubavitcher Rebbe that there's a question: How can Hashem destroy the Beis Hamikdosh? There is halochos against destroying even a Shul. The answer is that it was destroyed in order to build a nicer and better one. So the destruction -tisha b'av- is connected with the rebuilding -moshiach-.


Moreh Mikdash brings the following in the name of the Zohar Parshas Achrei Mos. There are 3 things that lengthen our time in Galus. One of them is "She'osim Kolon B'shechina B'galus". The Zohar in Parshas Teruma says that one who speaks in Shul is "Gorem Kolon L'shechina". Thus one who talks in Shul vain talk is lengthening the Galus.


Mainstream Halacha (Rambam, Shulchan Aruch and similar) clearly forbids talking during certain parts of the prayer service - like during the Amida. Other times they permit talking under certain circumstances - like during Shma if one needs to answer a person one fears. Other times talking is technically permitted. If talking in a shul or beis medrash ...

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