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This requirement is stated in the Tosefta and Meseches Tzitzith Tosefta Menachoth 9:16 "תכלת אין כשרה אלא מן החלזון הביא שלא מן החלזון פסולה." Tekheleth is only valid from the חלזון ; if one used a dye not made from the חלזון it is invalid.” מסכת ציצית פרק א הלכה י שאין צובעין תכלת אלא בחלזון. We only dye תכלת with a חלזון from: ...


As @NoachmiFrankfurt mentioned above, and suggested I convert into an answer: Here's a partial answer: The MMA madrich gives requires a double-dalet knot http://www.moreshesashkenaz.org/en/guide. Furthermore, there are Sephardim, such as the London community, who also maintain this practice: https://sites.google.com/site/londonsephardiminhag/tephillin


Really the distinction is one between the medieval period and the modern period. The Shulchan Aruch was written at the very end of the medieval period and was one of the first Jewish books to be printed during its author's lifetime. The printing aspect is hugely important; before that any Jewish work (any work in general) was competing for scribal time & ...


Rav Shachter has said (and written in Nefesh HaRav) that Rav Soloveitchik consistently advised students to follow their father's minhagim, with two exceptions: (a) eating in the sukkah on shmini atzeret, and (b) the shape of the knot in the tefillin shel rosh, where he thought that the alternative view (i.e., not eating in the sukkah and the double dalet) ...

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