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Essential Qualification: [NOTE: I am fully aware that what follows may be seen as off topic to this question, however I have enough experience with "messianic" groups and their beliefs to know that this is an absolutely essential qualification to make regarding this question.] While the previous answer is sound indeed, many have tried to apply this ...


Nusach ashkenaz in artscroll is slightly misleading. 'Nusach ashkenaz' implies the german nusach when really it's minhag polin/lita. So the ashkenaz of artscroll is according to the litvish custom. If you find a siddur that's published in germany or hungary and says "nusach ashkenaz" it will be slightly different


The double knot at the top is midoraisa. That's what fulfills the mitzvah The other knots developed and became custom. Some are based on the ari z"l and other kabbalistic sources but it doesn't matter if you have that first double knot. A bigger question would be wearing wool or cotton. http://steinsaltz.org/learning.php?pg=Daf_Yomi&articleId=2302

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