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There are two main opinions, one by Rashi saying that are straight lines going up at an angle, seen also in the Rambam on the Mishna and R' Abraham his son. See sources: רש"י על התורה שמות כה, לב. והציור בפירוש המשנה לרמב"ם מנחות ג, ז. ודעת ר' אברהם בן הרמב"ם בדעת אביו. וכן כתב העזרת כהנים מידות ד, ז.‏ The other opinion is the Ibn Ezra, and it is the ...


Rashi on that g'mara clearly says (about the first prohibition) that it means making a life-size model, which would mean pictures on coins are okay. Likewise, it's codified in the Rambam as "one may not make a house of the form of the hechal, a porch of the form of the ulam,… a candelabrum of the form of the m'nora", etc., and Shulchan Aruch writes ...


They used a half of a lug of oil in each candle every night, in order that it would last through the longest night of the year (Menachos 88b). A lug is 6 egg volumes. An egg volume is disputed, but it's accepted to be either around 57 (R' Chaim Naeh) or 100 (Chazon Ish) mL. So the volume per candle was about 172 or 294 mL, or about 1200 or 2050 mL total.


You can see Rashi's commentary to the chapter in English here. Joshua was being accused because his sons had married to gentile women and he did not interfere. This was symbolized by the filthy garments which were then removed and replaced with clean ones, alluding that his sons should separate from their wives, and he would be forgiven and the sins would be ...


It contained a half a lug of oil. See Maharsha Chullin 55 and Rivevos Ephraim Chelek 3:460:23.


Tosfos in Menachos 86b ד"ה ממנה writes in the name of Rabenu Tam ( see also Chudishei HaRan ד"ה ובא ) that Rashi holds that there is a mitzvah to have in the menorah a fixed ner to light the remaining six. This is learned from the pasuk להעלות נר תמיד (שמות כז כ. Therefore after the ner maarivi is lit from the the old flame the remaining neros are lit from ...

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