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Neiros Shabbos - No 95 shows a picture of a Chanuka Menora from the 15th century in Sicily. Jewish Art Museum of Minessota has 2 pictures of Menoras from the 13th century. One from Avignon and the other from Germany /Northern France. According to this press release - The Living Torah Museum has the oldest known Chanuka Menora on display. I spoke to Rabbi ...


"Shamash" is related to the word "shimush" meaning "use" or "serving". The shamash candle is "serving" the other Chanukah candles by lighting them. Similar to a waiter who "serves" the food. While not in use in common Hebrew, I have heard of a maid being called a "shamash". Likewise, the shul's "caretaker" is called the "shamash" because he serves or ...


Let's assume you're far down as Cape Town at 33° 55′ 31″ S. Candle lighting on the first day of Chanuka (this year, 5775) at sunset would be at 19:55 and if you wait for night then it's at 20:25. However, one can light as early as Plag HaMincha which will be at 18:25 - that may be the simplest way to get the children involved - light as early as ...


An answer to: Do they retain this status if they are seen outside of their halachic time, such as very late at night? See O Ch 674 (1) in the Remo who says אבל אחר שעבר זמן המצוה מותרים בהנאה - After the time of the mitzva it is permitted to have benefit from them.


Rabbi Yerachmiel Zeltzer compiled (and commented upon) some 100 answers is his נר למאה sometime in the 60's. It has recently been republished and is available online here. More recently, another volume, ימי שמונה has been published that contains 500 (!) answers and is available online here. Both volumes are still in print and are available for purchase from ...


I used the Super Wicks this year, but found that some burned with very little output of light. They would stay lit long after the ones that worked as expected since they were consuming oil at a much slower pace.

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