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In the Sheilos U'Teshuvos of the Maharsham (Rabbi Shalom Mordechai Shvadron) Chelek 4 Siman 146 he writes to a Rabbi in the city of Leipzig the following (my own translation with added clarifications): To answer your letter from the 2nd day of Chanuka, if it is permissible to light the Chanuka candles on the train - I did not find the matter to be so ...


When I was in Yeshiva, I saw someone use empty beer bottles, in which your standard order white Shabbos candles just so happen to be an exact fit. Sorry, I didn't take a picture. If you don't have 8 empty beer bottles on hand, I'm sure you could find someone willing to procure some for you.


I compiled a few opinions from Hilchos Chashmal, most have to do with electric but it answers the wick and oil parts. Kochvei Yitzchak simanim 5-8 – Mikar Halacha there is no issue with electric for ner chanuka, but the best way to perform the mitzvah is with olive oil. The ones who asssur say that there is no shuir of a half hour by electric (oil can be ...


There are many shittos and the majority does not allow it. Ohel Yitzchak – one may not use it Eshel Avraham pg 36 (not the Pri Megadim) – maybe one can light such a menorah Bais Yitzchak YD basar bchalav siman 120 – One is not yotzei with electric Har tzvi OC 2:114 os 2 – one is not yotzei with an electric menorah Taharas Hashulchan OC siman 673 – ...

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