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The ruling of the Alter Rebbe is when one starts wearing a tallis gadol they no longer recite the bracha on the tallis katan. The source in the sidur. Can be found in the blue annotated edition of Tehilas Hashem on page 9


From Chabad.org The basic grave formation in most cemeteries is arranged according to families. There has been a custom in later centuries, observed by many memorial societies, of burying men and women in separate sections. Neither custom is obligatory. One should make inquiry regarding this procedure before one joins the society, in order to avoid ...


A story told to me by Reb Moshe Feinstein's second cousin. Reb Moshe was sitting at a wedding with his family. This included his children and their spouses. Someone came over and asked in shock 'Reb Moshe! How can you sit here in mixed seating?!' Reb Moshe responded equally shocked 'Mixed seating?! Heaven forbid! This is my family.' Two very important ...

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