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women may not wear men's clothing. this question is assuming a particular shirt is women's clothing. If it were to be women's clothing then women could wear it but since the question is based on a false premise then these shirts would stay remain male clothing and no women may not wear them.


Rav Moshe Feinstein in his Igros Moshe Chelek 8:4 YD :11 writes that going to theaters and stadiums do not fall into the prohibition of bechukoseihem lo tolechu. However, he writes that one is prohibited from attending due to moshev letzim, bitul Torah (eventually l'gamri), nivul peh (promiscuity). Rav Moshe is clear that it is a forbidden to attend such ...


How about "For reasons of modesty I don't shake hands with the opposite gender- it's lovely to make your acquaintance / see you." It's the truth and it's to the point.

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