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To summarize 9 or 10 hours of Rabbi Daniel Raccah's shiurim on the subject in a single paragraph: Malki-Tzedek is identified with Shem, Avraham's great (x7) grandfather. Noach originally aspired for his sons to be the Torah teachers in the world (like Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov eventually would be), but only Shem adopted the calling. That's why Shem/Malki-...


According to Rashi and Yonathan's translation (Breshit 14:18) Malchitzedek was Shem , the son of Noach. He indeed had a Yeshiva and we know that Ya'akov studied there for 14 years on his way to Charan and even Rivka asked his advice when she felt something unusual during her pregnancy.


The Wikipedia article on Malchi-Tzedek bring a lot of information about Malchi-Tzedek, his interaction with Avraham, as well as the transfer of Priesthood.


Gan Rave says that וְהוּא כֹהֵן לְאֵל עֶלְיוֹן is talking about Avraham.

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