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As the Ibn Ezra writes (Bamidbar 21:22) אל תבקש דקדוק בשמות don't expect/ask for grammatical care when it comes to names


Radak explains that the verse is saying that Hiram was from the Tribe of Naftali, meaning that his father was from Naftali. He is called Tyrian because that was where he lived. So his father was from Naftali and his mother was from Dan. Parenthetically, the commentary attributed to Rashi on Chronicles explains that Huram's mother's tribe is given based ...


My best guess is that because the letters are interchangeable they were switched. Which is proper though, I can't tell you. You could also ask this question on many other cases throughout Tanach. As an example from this week's parsha (Pinchas), Rashi talks about several names that are spelled differently between lists.


I think the word וטהר is used to indicate complete healing, as in ובא השמש וטהר (see Brachos 2a "טהר יומא").


The Golden Calf icon seems to be associated with Hashem. Aharon, Jeroboam, and Jehu (all of whom create or, in Jehu's case, do not destroy, calf-idols) never mention any other god in connection with their actions. In fact they all present themselves as worshiping Hashem, albeit in a way that the Torah disproves of.


I may have an answer for #3 In the first chapter of Melachim we are told of some prominent people who were not part of in Adoniahu's coup "And Zadok the priest and Benaiahu the son of Jehoiada, and Nathan the prophet, and Shimei and Rei, and the mighty men, who were with David, were not with Adoniahu". If the Shimei here is the same as Shimei ben Gera, ...


Aviatar (or Abiather) was descended from Eli the prophet who was also a Kohen Gadol before him. The lineage from the book of Shmuel is: Eli->Pinchas->Achituv->Achimelech->Aviatar. Do not confuse the fact that there is also an Achituv in the line down to Tzadok (book of Ezra that traces his lineage as well as Chronicles 5:30 - Eleazar begot Phinehas, ...

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