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The extra blood after each sacrifice was poured at the base of the altar (if it was considered Shirayim, leftover) or the Amah - a channel which led out of the courtyard (if the blood's status is dichuy, invalid to be poured on the base). This is from the Talmud, Zevachim 34b. The leftover blood which was poured out flowed to Nachal Kidron, and was redeemed ...


As the Ibn Ezra writes (Bamidbar 21:22) אל תבקש דקדוק בשמות don't expect/ask for grammatical care when it comes to names


Radak explains that the verse is saying that Hiram was from the Tribe of Naftali, meaning that his father was from Naftali. He is called Tyrian because that was where he lived. So his father was from Naftali and his mother was from Dan. Parenthetically, the commentary attributed to Rashi on Chronicles explains that Huram's mother's tribe is given based ...


My best guess is that because the letters are interchangeable they were switched. Which is proper though, I can't tell you. You could also ask this question on many other cases throughout Tanach. As an example from this week's parsha (Pinchas), Rashi talks about several names that are spelled differently between lists.

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