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I do not understand what you are saying synagogues and congratulations But for part 2 you are probably referring to the saying of our sages Avoda Zara 3a The nations will then plead. 'Offer us the Torah anew and we shall obey it.' But the Holy One, blessed be He, will say to them, 'You foolish ones among peoples, he who took trouble [to prepare] on the ...


The "work" forbidden on Shabbat does not mean hard, physical work or employment. It is "melacha" = creative work. There are 39 main categories of melacha So, even if Shabbat would be a "reward" for working the other 6 days (and there is no mention of this - every Jew is ...


Without commenting on the specific situation, shabbat's rest is an absolute obligation which doesn't depend on what one does during the week. Whether one worked or rested during the work, one needs to abstain from creative work (melacha) on shabbat. Shabbat is not observed because it is a reward but because God commanded so, as a memory for the creation of ...


Most of his rulings are according to his Rebbe Rabbi Schacther

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