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IIRC it's shmiras shabbos kehilchasa that allows you to use an ordinary plunger -- but not a professional-grade one -- to plunge a clogged toilet even on shabbos.


I phoned a rabbi — probably one of the top ten rabbis in my city (a North American city of three million people). He's a charedi Ashkenazi rabbi. He said I can unblock it using a plunger, since it's unskillful work.


You could try to construe something odd and theoretical in which the question would come up [e.g. you have a commercial bakery in the middle of nowhere], but practically in the case you describe -- you could build a 20-foot brick wall surrounding your pizza store, but it's in a Jewish neighborhood (as kosher restaurants are), so there will be the smells, ...


Aruch Hashulchan 496:5 says that it is forbidden for a Ben Eretz Yisrael to eat Chometz in Chutz L'Aretz on Acharon Shel Pesach. ויש מי שאומר דבן ארץ ישראל הבא לחוץ לארץ – אסור לו לאכול חמץ באחרון של פסח בכל עניין, אפילו דעתו לחזור. ונכון הוא, דזה גריע ממלאכה.‏


The question has been edited to specify that this refers only to the Chametz problem alone. As a result, I have deleted most of my answer. I checked with my LOR (who is a rav at Ner Israel in Baltimore) and he said that the accepted general halacha is that an Israeli in chutz la'aretz for Pesach is not allowed to buy back chametz until after all eight days ...

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