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It would be at least לא תעמוד על דם רעך. And I would imagine much worse.


To put it quick: There are 3 issurim which come into play with someone doing Melocha for you: Amira - speaking, or instructing to do melocha; Benefeting - deriving from melocha which was done for you; Shliach - that is having melocha done for you (even if you don't benefit, or instructed anyone). So in order to avoid transgression one has to make sure ...


Zadon Shabbos, knowing that it's Shabbos, does not mean that he knows every aspect of Shabbos. It means he knows that it's Shabbos. As Rashi heichi mashkachas lah says, that he knows it's Shabbos. The only thing is that too know it's Shabbos, you need to know at least one biblical law, or else in what way do you know it's Shabbos? We see later in the gemara, ...


Um, yes. Depending on the type of illness involved, it is certainly pikuach nefesh. (Usually, something that is identified on a Medic Alert bracelet is something serious) Your argument that he is "[currently] in good health" is invalid -- if there is a concern (even sfek sfeika) that his life will be endangered later, one may violate Shabbos for that. For ...

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