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Using a Kindle is definitely permitted, as the Kindle did not even exist when the ancient texts were written, so they can't forbid it.


Rambam Hilchos Shabbos 10:11 says that gluing two pieces of paper together on Shabbos is a Toldah (offshoot) of Tofer (the biblical prohibition against sewing on Shabbos). המדבק ניירות או עורות בקולן של סופרים, וכיוצא בו--הרי זה תולדת תופר וחייב One who glues pieces of paper or leather to each other with scribe's glue (קולן של סופרים), or anything ...


I found a Minchas Yitzchok (5:32:2) and an Az Nidabru (2:30) which prohibit, and a Shmiras Shabbos Kihilchasah (ch 18 note 70) which permits. I have seen the Az Nidabru misquoted as permitting. What he actually says is that people who sit out in the sun are only doing it because it's enjoyable and not to get a tan, and therefore it's permitted. ...


no, as all Jews are obligated to keep shabbos and your room mate may not ask you nor derive benefit from any action you take which violates shabbos

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