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Appleā€™s default alarm behavior on iOS is to have the alarm go off indefinitely, so if one wants to use the iPhone or iPad alarm on Shabbat, one has to use a third-party app like this one that shuts the alarm off by itself. The only other thing I can think of to do with an iOS device on Shabbat is play media (like music) on a playlist, which would of course ...


DailyHalacha.com quoting Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef says that one should attempt to avoid such a problem. However where that is the only option he should arrange prior to Shabbos that a non Jewish staff member will open his door when required. If one did not arrange this before Shabbos it is still permitted to ask a non Jewish staff member to open the door for ...


If you leave someone's front door open, and their dog runs away, that is a gramma (bava kamma 55b). If you startle someone and they bang into something and hurt themselves, that is a gramma (bava kamma 56a).


One classic example is person A throwing something off of a roof, and person B removing the cushion before it hits the ground. Person B performed a damage in the form of a Grama. So an everyday life example that would fit like that would be removing a safety from a device, where someone else then comes along and triggers it. A bit dated (who sees a fuse box ...

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