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Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but... The Maharal in an exposition of Eruv Tavshilin describes the status of the 3 different tiers of days as paralleling the 3 different stages of human history. Chol, the regular work-week days, parallel olam hazeh, this world where we toil toward an ultimate reward. Shabbath, the day of rest, parallels olam ...


According to Rabbi Moshe Isserles (the REMA) in the Mechir Yayin al Megillat Esther, they would be proper converts because: Fear of the Jews had fallen upon them (8:17) Or, "that which the Jews feared fell upon them "--the awe of Heaven experienced by the Jews was of such intensity that it infused even their countrymen, inspiring them to convert. ...


Try Kenigsburg in Meah shearim. He's located on 72 Shmuel Salant, if I recall correctly. Rabbi Yaakov Chenegal in Bnei Berak also does custom tikkunim on demand if you can't find a regular one. Edit: I don't have either phone number but you can probably find them in Israeli phone directories.

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