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Halachapedia suggests: A person who is a Choleh SheEin Bo skana is permissible to take medicine on Yom Kippur if it doesn’t have a good taste. If one needs to have it with liquid one should have mouthwash. The footnote for the above links to rav Schachter's Halachot of Yamim Nora'im. (I can't access that in my current browser. My own opinion on the above ...


I asked Rav Chizkiyahu Nevenzahl Shlit"a, current Chief Rabbi of the Old City; this very question and he told me that one is permitted to swallow pills on a fast day (including tish bav and yom kippur) because swallowing is not considered derech achila. *This is not to be relied upon lehalocha, one must ask their personal Rov.


Nishmat Avraham by Rabbi Dr Avraham Avraham is a classic and is available in Hebrew and English (Artscroll). He discusses IVF quite a few times. In Vol 3, p15 he begins by quoting R' Waldenberg (Tzitz Eliezer 15:45) who doesn't approve, and then quotes R' Nebenzahl (Asya 34), R' Ovadia Yosef (Yabia Omer 8 EH 21) and R' Eliashiv who all permit AIH. Nishmas ...

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