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Very likely a situation whereby the mother would die anyhow; if they performed a C-section they'd save the baby, if not both would die.


Short answer: yes and no. There are certain things are 'Objectively Forbidden' to be seen. This would apply regardless of any physical reaction to the stimulus. These would seemingly be forbidden to a eunuch as well. Then there are things that are 'Subjectively Forbidden'. This goes on a case-by-case basis, depending on how the person viewing the stimulus ...


Um, yes. Depending on the type of illness involved, it is certainly pikuach nefesh. (Usually, something that is identified on a Medic Alert bracelet is something serious) Your argument that he is "[currently] in good health" is invalid -- if there is a concern (even sfek sfeika) that his life will be endangered later, one may violate Shabbos for that. For ...


The torah sometimes uses the word "uncovered his nakedness" to mean relations (absolutely not the uncovering of the body) (not forbidden to see your father naked) Rambam kedusha /isurai bia 1 Halacha 6 When a person has promiscuous relations with a woman and conceives a daughter with her, that daughter is considered an ervah for him. Although the ...

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