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R' Elazar said in the name of R' Yossi Ben Zimra: "Whoever engages in fasting on the Sabbath, they rip up on his behalf (even) a decree of 70 years of evil. But even so, they return and exact punishment from him for (neglecting) the law of enjoying the Sabbath." What should he do to fix this? Rav Nachman Bar Yitzchak said: "Let him fast again for (the sin) ...


the shulchan aruch says in 162:10 ״מי שיש לו מכה בידו ודטיה עליה: די לו שיטול שאר היד שלא במקום הרטיה one with a blemish covered by a bandage, it's sufficient enough to wash the rest of the hand not covered by the bandage the magen avrohom there (which I dont have a link to) says, it's referring to a bandage he doesn't care about it being there, ...

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