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Would this not be considered permissible by fact that a woman is obligated to honor her parents by, for instance, "covering and uncovering" them, when required? (Kiddushin 30a)


Someone told me the following principles, which he said are in gemarah niddah. Health of mother is at risk. (e.g. a year after c section) Psychological well being of the person. (e.g. Shalom bais not there, overwhelmed, depressed.) Rabanim are meikel to use birth control for 2 years after a birth.


Mikaan sheniten reshus leropheh lerapos, a doctor has permission to cure you but not cause other ailment. For this they would need to ask permission. I.e. when the doctor prescribes the drug it is as if they are giving it to you directly so would be a mazik if it had side-effects you were not made aware of.

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