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"Isn't the case that you have honored the shabat with something else than meat?!" as if he say You know that you has successfully / I want to tell you that you has successfully ... He do not ruled that there is no need for meat. In this case, the Shabbat was without meat because of lack of meat at this time. The reproach is about spending many hours for buy ...


According to this OU article as well as par. 8d in this Star K article, separate grill racks must be used or the fish must be wrapped in foil. They don't seem to distinguish the size of the grill rack. Yoreh De'ah 116:2 indicates that one cannot roast fish and meat together because of the smells transmitted between the two items.


My answer will address both vegan and vegetarianism. The Bible is fairly clear that God's ideal diet for all of creation was vegetarianism. And that at some point He allowed the consumption of meat, under various caveats, and usually with disapproving tones. Some people erroneously try and say that mankind was given dominion over the animals, and therefore ...

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