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Per Chabad.org it is permitted כשעושים סעודת ברית מילה או פדיון הבן במוצאי תשעה-באב, מותר להזמין כמה אנשים שרוצים, וכולם מותרים אז בבשר ויין


Note that technically, the original source of the meat does have a mother so the questions below would apply. It is not necessarily the same as "meat from the heavens" which would be like "meat" created from chemical reactions in the lab rather than meat grown in the lab from animal sourced meat. Ohr Samach, as an example, discusses the problem. One of the ...


If the chocolate was pareve, then based on YD 95:2, it would seem to be permitted to consume, even if some say it should not have been poured to begin with. If the chocolate was dairy then the pot, chocolate, and cheesecake are not kosher.


There is a reason for it. The Mechaber in OC 451:26Says: כו. כלי זכוכית אפילו מכניסן לקיום ואפילו משתמש בהן בחמין אין צריכים שום הכשר שאינם בולעים ובשטיפה בעלמא סגי להו. הגה: ויש מחמירין ואומרים דכלי זכוכית אפילו הגעלה לא מהני להו וכן המנהג באשכנז ובמדינות אלו My loose translation: Glass vessels even if one stores in them and even if they were used for ...


The word glatt was invented in America when the union workers in the slaughterhouse industry were irreligious and unreliable, but couldn't be fired. So the Rabbis of the time ingeniously invented a new indefinable word which allowed them to choose the workers they pleased. This information is courtesy of Rabbi Belsky. This has nothing to do specifically ...


Rabbi Daniel Neustat quotes the Yad Efrayim 551:31 and Divrei Yatziv 2:238 as permitting meat for a Seudas Bar Mitzvah on the day of the Bar Mitvzah. However, for this and all Seudas Mitzvah dispensations, if it is during the week that Tisha B'av falls out, only a minyan plus close relatives may partake of the meat and wine (Mishnah Berurah 551:77). Sha'ar ...


Since it is not a seudas mitzvah, the minhag would not be overridden and the prohibition would still apply.


See this article in Hebrew for more detail. The overall concept is based on Chulin 37b: (יחזקאל ד) ואומר אהה ה' אלהים הנה נפשי לא מטומאה ונבלה וטרפה לא אכלתי מנעורי ועד עתה ולא בא בפי בשר פגול הנה נפשי לא מטומאה שלא הרהרתי ביום לבא לידי טומאה בלילה ונבלה וטרפה לא אכלתי מנעורי שלא אכלתי בשר כוס כוס מעולם ולא בא בפי בשר פגול שלא אכלתי מבהמה שהורה בה חכם ...


In Hulin, Daf מו עמ' ב. The concept is perhaps not what you think it is. It is one of the Triefos, a hole in the lungs (called Sircha), which some Poskim (like Rashi) say that if you find some scar in the lung, you need to check if there is a hole, and others say that the scar indicates a hole no matter our further observations find, and the meat is Trief. ...

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