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A person who eats on Yom Kipour does not make kiddush and have two challah rolls, plus meat and fish just as any other yom tov. The reason being that they should be eating as little as possible - just enough to keep alive & healthy. However, they do say יַעֲלֶה וְיָבֹא if they ate enough bread - as well as רְצֵה if it's also Shabbat. Enough bread: 27 ...


And, of course, to keep from dying (פיקוח נפש), though all non-animal food sources would have to prove or seem obviously insufficient, just as if all emergency rations were treif (which would be preferable, I believe, to killing an animal when there were something else you could eat that were permissible under the circumstances---please correct mke if I'm ...

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