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Form kashrut.com (Footnotes in that article point to other references:) All meat and poultry and their derivatives, even if no meat or poultry is actually visible, e.g., chicken soup, are included. Pareve dishes cooked in a utensil used for meat are permitted. [If a small piece of meat accidentally fell into a pareve dish and its taste will not be ...


These questions are dealt with here: The Shulchan Aruch (OC 551:9) writes that one mustn’t eat meat or drink wine during the nine days. The Rema (OC 551:10) adds that if one has a seudas mitzva during this time then one may partake of wine and meat as such celebrations are incomplete without them. This includes Shabbos meals, a bris seuda, a pidyon ...


Glatt and Chalak have different stringencies and leniencies relative to the other. From kosherpoint.com: Not all sirchot are equal. There are certain areas of the lung, where a sircha will not make the animal treif. However, there are differing opinions as to the extent of these areas. The Sephardi view (following the Beit Yosef) is more lenient – ...


Per Chabad.org it is permitted כשעושים סעודת ברית מילה או פדיון הבן במוצאי תשעה-באב, מותר להזמין כמה אנשים שרוצים, וכולם מותרים אז בבשר ויין

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