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See OU.org that broiling is an alternative method for Koshering meat. The Torah forbids the consumption of the blood of an animal. The two accepted methods of extracting blood from meat, a process referred to as “koshering”, are either salting or broiling.


First of all, meat can be eaten raw (unsalted, unroasted, un-anything, straight from the carcass) after just rinsing it (YD 67:2). Regarding salting, a non-trivial number of rabbinic authorities (even current ones) have allowed using sugar to 'salt' meat when salt was not an option (for availability or medical reasons). See this article for a sampling of ...


Here footnote 42 and 43 it brings sources that Yemenite and Italian communities still eat roasted meat on Pesach night. In footnote 46 he also brings sources about Tripoli eating the Zeroa, but I'm not clear if they roast it or cook it.

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