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I can pass along this bit of halacha (I will add bold for the relevant part) which I got in my email: Every day of Chol Hamoed we add ya'aleh v'yovo in Shemone Esrei and bentching. In Shemone Esrei it is added in the beracha of Retzei before the words v'sechezena eineinu. In bentching it is added in the beracha of Rachem before the words u'vnei ...


Whether or not one would make a Beracha on it is subject to a dispute of the Rishonim. Tosefos to Berachos 12a s.v. לא לאתויי נהמא cites a dispute between the Rif and the Ri about whether or not one makes a beracha rishona when unsure if a previous blessing covered it, with the Rif saying no and the Ri saying yes. The Rif is understood according to the ...


Don't eat it - is the chosid way to do . eat it without a brocha -is the halocho. To say shehakol - is forbidden (shehakol you can only say if you know (100%) you need to say a brocho Some other option - go learn. you can start with the comments on the question,

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