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Your question spans two areas: What is the consideration of the bracha of matzah during the non-Pesach time of the year? Can I change my minhag just because I want to (from my inference of your question)? To answer the 1st question, you may want to read this Chaf-K article that discuses how and if matzah and matzah crackers fall into the category of pat ...


as @jutky said "in all those cases you have to add Rtzei/Yaale Veyavo." it seems from the Shulchan aruch harav bellow that the general rules are as @Scimonster said we "follow the beginning of the meal", if he did not daven maariv (even before night) or make havdolo or say "(boruch) hamavdil ben kodesh lchol" and as @jutky said "If you eat kezais in ...


As far as I know the rule is: "If you eat kezais in kodesh you add special bench" Therefore, in all those cases you have to add Rtzei/Yaale Veyavo. After searching for sources Here is a booklet of R. Yosef Zvi Rimon. The paragraph that starts with the words "יעלה ויבוא בסעודת ר"ח שנמשכה לערב" gives lot of useful references on the topic. (I can't say for ...


What i was told to do in such a case is to follow the beginning of the meal. So, for your cases: No Ya'aleh Veyavoh Yes Ya'aleh Veyavoh Yes R'tzei / Ya'aleh Veyavoh. I'll try and look up the source for this later.

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