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Generally speaking this topic depends on two things. When you made hamotzi did you have in mind that you were going to eat yogurt? And if you did, would you and most people consider this yogurt to be a dessert? If you did not have it in mind at the beginning then you would need to make another Bracho, same as if it is considered a dessert.


Maseches Shabbos 117 amud beis: We learn it from the verseויאמר משה : אכלוהו היום כי שבת היום לה', היום לא תמצאוהו בשדה This verse, said regarding the man (manna), speaking about Shabbos, says the word Hayom 3 times (the man was their meals in those days), so the גמרא says that we learn it from there. This is the verse you were referring to in your question. ...

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