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The 18 minute mark is almost certainly a mistake. The source of this time limit is from Pesaḥim 46a Mishna: [Regarding] ‘deaf’ dough, if there is [a dough] similar to it which has become leaven, it is forbidden. Gemara: What if there is no [dough] similar to it?―Said R. Abbahu in the name of R. Shimon b. Lakish: [The period for dough to become ...


I shall split the answer up. One first makes the dough as I wrote as big as there is room in the oven. One should use a 'pin' a kind of metal or wooden hinged bar to 'bang' it down. Then one should cut it with a knife (according to the r'mo but not kept) and give it out to the 'rollers' called velgerers. The most important and only thing mentioned in the ...

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