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As an answer one can say like this. But first one must ask: What is wrong with woman inheriting? Why was Moshe Rabainu unsure about it? What is so 'surprising' that the women 'wanted' the land who wouldn't? The answer is the Erets Yisroel comes at a price. It has a kedusha which has to be kept. Moshe was not sure that women were up to it. Hashem answered ...


Probably not what you are looking for OP, but for any yemenites who stumble upon this thread, this is what I use. www.moryapp.co.il


Check out Navigating the Bible II by ORT. They have all of the leining for Torah and Haftarah, read by Cantor Moshe Haschel, both as entire parshiot and pasuk by pasuk, all free. Their Masei recording includes both features you're looking for. I only listened to 33:10 and 11, but it seems to use the special trop. 35:5, including the yerach ben yomo and ...


You may be able to run the program using XP mode. Instructions may be found here http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows7/install-and-use-windows-xp-mode-in-windows-7


YUTorah.org has free, streaming Torah reading recordings by R' Jeremy Weider. He enunciates and intones extremely clearly. He performs the two features you're looking for: The masa'ot start at 06:00 in his Laining for Matot Mas`ei Part 4. 35:5, with the unusual trop, starts at 02:07 in his Laining for Matot Mas`ei Part 6.

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