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I think the distinction is how and when the item is functioning. The shepherd's sackcloth raincoat is functioning as a garment when worn over the body (e.g. by protecting from the rain). For a woman, a signet ring has no aesthetic value when worn and wearing it is just a way to get it from point A to point B.


Shepherds do not merely carry sacks, they use sacks as clothing/adornments by using them as raincoats, as Rashi indicates (see ד"ה בשקין and אלא). Women do not wear signet rings as clothing/adornments, period. R. Yirmiah is simply observing that when women occasionally carry signet rings, they do so by wearing them on their fingers. Therefore, while signet ...


According to the אור החיים הקדוש as quoted by the Chida, it means Rashi is quoting his Rebbe, Rebbe Yitzchok Haleivi. It would be acronym for למורי ורבי יצחק הלוי. Also see the biography on Rashi. In this Rashi he is saying that his Rebbe Reb Yitzchok says it this way, that cut down nails allow you to keep more and plucked nails must leave only four or ...

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