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The Sefas Emes here says that a possible scenario would be where a small amount of other oil was mixed with olive oil, and this would be allowed to be used in the Beis Hamikdash since it is annulled in the large amount of olive oil, and so is considered as if it has been transformed into olive oil. Hence, Rami bar Chama needed to teach that those oils which ...


I haven't looked at the g'mara except as you've quoted it, but in that quotation it says "לסוף יתיב באימתא", "at the end he would sit in reverence" (emphasis supplied), which seems to fit right in to the g'mara's second answer: he would first say something funny and then sit in reverence.


The Sefas Emes here says that the gemora continued to investigate because the refutation only succeeded in showing that the argument that the case was mentioned only incidentally was flawed, but maybe the assertion is still true anyway even without the attempted proof. Thus, this is the sequence of the gemora: The gemora asks about the permissibility of ...

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