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Even though as Mishnah 5 says the second of the first is better quality than the first of the third, nevertheless, the reason why only the first of each batch is suitable for the menorah is because only oil which seeps out by itself from crushed olives is suitable (as it says at the end of Mishnah 5) - this is the first of each batch, and not that which runs ...


By making the neder to bring a mincha with barley when he knows it is not possible, this person is making a neder in vain – a neder shov. From INSIGHTS INTO THE DAILY DAF Nedarim 15 I see that The RAN (end of Nedarim 14b) writes that there is no Isur of "Neder Shav," a Neder made in vain, as there is an Isur of Shevu'as Shav, a Shevu'ah made in ...

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