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Gittin 56b תן לי יבנה וחכמיה ושושילתא דרבן גמליאל ואסוותא דמסיין ליה לרבי צדוק קרי עליה רב יוסף ואיתימא רבי עקיבא (ישעיהו מד) משיב חכמים אחור ודעתם יסכל איבעי למימר ליה לשבקינהו הדא זימנא והוא סבר דלמא כולי האי לא עביד והצלה פורתא נמי לא הוי Looking back fifty years later, Rabbi Akiva remarks that G-d must have clouded R' Yochanan ben Zakai's ...


This comment proposes: I think the point of the Gemara is to illustrate that someone's life was ruined by the callous way two people who contrived to ruin it within the bounds of Halachah, as in RaMBa"N's famous interpretation of the Naval BiRshuth HaTorah (VaYikra 19:2)


In the Bavli to that Mishna (Gittin 80a), 'Ula explains that the reason there was an enactment made to write the date according to the local government was "משום שלום מלכות" "to maintain peace with the government". Rashi explains that the governments would see we use their dating system and assume that we value their leadership. Accordingly, Rambam rules ...


No halachic bearing whatsoever. A born-out-of-wedlock child inherits from his father just the same, and if firstborn male, would get a double portion. "Pegam" means that people will say mean things about such a child. We try to avoid social problems too, even if they aren't halachic ones per se.


Based on Rabbi J. David Bleich's class here: If there is known to be more than one "Yosi ben Shimon" (Talmud's example) in a given community, they must resort to either an additional generation "Yosi ben Shimon ben Moshe" or another descriptor "Yosi ben Shimon HaRofe". (My own addition: In the current age, listing a family name would seem to be another good ...


The Ben Yehoydah says the reason he shot arrows was to teach us a lesson regarding the reason of the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash. The Beis Hamikdash was destroyed because of the sin of Lashon Hara. That is, just as a sword can not destroy something from afar but an arrow can, so too Loshon Hara destroys people from afar. The reason Nero shot arrows in ...


I heard in a Shiur that Reb Eliyashiv answered In our Gemara he also asked for Yerushlayim to be saved. He asked for Reb Tzadok to be saved, the reason Rav Tzadok was sickly was because he was Fasting trying to prevent Yerushlayim from being destroyed. He was saying if you end the siege of Yerushalyim, that would be a doctor enough and Reb Tzadok will be ...

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