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See Tosafos there (Pesachim 25a) which says that it's not referring to the medical aspects of the wood, buyt to its supernatural affects, which possibly brings one closer to idol worship.: חוץ מעצי אשירה. נראה לר''י דמיירי כגון שאין יכול להתרפא משאר עצים אלא בזה כגון על ידי שדים או שום דבר אחר משום דאתי למיטעי בתר ע''ז Similarly in Avoda Zara 27b ...


Just to note, 'Giluey Arayos' includes two different forms of sin: incest and adultery. They may have different reasons. Most societies (agreed, not all) have held these two acts to be contemptuous or taboo, which may mean that it's an area of morality which should be self-evident, and if it isn't obvious, then you should check your moral intuition. I ...

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