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There is an argument in בראשית רבה פ"ד כ"א whether the brothers married Canaanite woman in the neighborhood or whether the brothers were also born with twin sisters and each one married a twin of a brother that wasn't also his brother from his mother.


Mitsva is Piria Verivia , and for male only (according to the Halacha, but some Tanayim think that female too are concerned by this mitsva) @DoubleAA taught me that an additional mitsva to getting married with Kiddushin and Ketuba. An additional negative mitsva to not be in intercourse with a woman without Kiddushin and Ketuba, in Mishna and Gemara we can ...


For this question may be understood after learning several Mishnayot Ketubbot 1, 9 and a Mishna in Baba Batra 8, 5 and Kiddushin 4, 8. See Gemara Kidushin 74a: אמר רב נחמן: שלשה נאמנין על הבכור, אלו הן: חיה, אביו, ואמו . &rml; Rav Nahman said: Three are believed with respect to a first-born. These are they: The midwife, the father and the mother. ...

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