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The difference is discussed extensively in the eighth perek of Ketubot. נכסי מלוג refers to assets that a woman brings into the marriage, or which falls to her as either an inheritance or as a gift after she has married, but which are not included in the value of the ketubah. The word melog comes from the Aramaic מליגה, which means "plucking": her husband ...


Both the first relationship and the second one would have to be formal marriages (the kind that requires a Get to dissolve) for the prohibition of remarrying your divorcée to come into effect. (ShA EH 10:1) You already asked elsewhere about giving Gittin to girlfriends after breaking up with them.


There is nothing special going on here based on the marriage relationship. Anyone can say to anyone else: "Do you swear XYZ?" and if they answer affirmatively, the oath is binding on them. So too if a husband says to his wife "Do you swear to not talk to Ploni-down-the-street?" The relevant rule in this case is that breaking that specific oath is considered ...


Nitei Gavriel - Shiduchim V'tanoim - 41:1 in the name of Teshuvas HaBach 23, Sh"ut Noda B'Yehuda 68, Sh"ut Toafos Re'em 41, Sh"ut Maharsham 4:154 says that it is forbidden to break an engagement. However this is in a case where there is Tanoim. In 41:2 he elaborates in the notes that even without Tanoim one should not break a Shidduch, however he says there ...

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