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This is addressed in Halichos Shlomo on the laws of Yom Kippur chapter 5 siff 15, quoting the Minchas Shlomo Tinyana siman 53 #3. I'll try my best to translate. "A sick person can wear leather shoes even if his sickness is not discernable, and there is no concern for Maris Ayin. However he should limit his unnecessary walking because of Lazus Sfasayim ...


“Unusual” is not the criterion for maris hoayin. As he.wikipedia points out, מראית עין הוא דין הלכתי האוסר לעשות פעולות מסוימות שבהן כשלעצמן אין כל חטא, אך הן עלולות להיראות כאילו יש בהן חטא, או ליצור את הרושם שפעולות אחרות , שיש בהן איסור, הן מותרות. Maris hoayin forbids us to do something which intrinsically is not a sin, but which ...

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