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It's not that horses were exclusive to Egypt. Rather, Egypt was the source of the best and most sophisticatedly bred horses and would constantly look towards egypt to maintain his menagerie. A king with many horses make himself dependent on Egypt just as a country with many cars would be dependent on Saudi Arabia or Iran vayimach shemam. Sources: Little ...


Rav Aharon Lichtenstein discusses this sort of issue in an article of his titled "סמיכה בארץ ישראל ובחוץ לארץ" (roughly: ordination in Israel and the Diaspora) printed in his collection of essays Minchat Aviv beginning on page 479 (particularly pages 481-483). Rav Lichtenstein opens his discussion by citing the Tosefta (Sanhedrin 4:6): "אין מעמידין מלך ...

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