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Before Matan Torah the Kavana in doing a Mitzvah was what counted not the actual action that was done. That's why the item used to do the Mitzvah did not retain Kedusha. That explains how could Avraham Avinu, one of the Avos who was a Merkava to Hashem, make a 'mistake' by making Hashem wait while he went to do Hachnosas Orchim to Angeles that don't eat or ...


I found an answer in the Kli Yakar:


The Ramban at the end of pasuk 3 writes that he sat them outside under the tree to catch a breeze. He recognized they were travelers and wouldn't want to stay so out of respect to them he offered water to wash their weary feet and sat them outside for the breeze and didn't bring them indoors to his tent.

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