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I regret to inform you that the above text was not authored by Hai Gaon and that Rav Hai z"l never discussed such subjects. Instead, the writings which attribute later qabbalistic ideas to him are forgeries. This has been confirmed in a variety of ways. You may look into the matter yourself fairly easily. [See this question, answer, and attendant comments ...


All texts and links below from this extensive article: It is first mentioned in the Siddur of Rashi - albeit in a slightly different version: מימיני מיכאל משמאלי גבריאל, מאחורי אוריאל, מלפני רפאל ושכינת אל על ראשי. R' Pinchas Eliyahu of Vilna writes in Sefer Habris that ואתה בן אדם שים פניך לדבר הזה מן היום הזה ומעלה שתרגיל את עצמך בכל עת ובכל ...

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