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This is the subject of dispute between R. Saadyah Gaon and the kabbalists, on the one hand, and ibn Ezra and Maimonides on the other. According to Rasag (Emunot ve-de'ot 4:1), man is greater than all other creatures by virtue of his free will. This is also the view of the kabbalists: Man is greater than the angels in that he was given inclinations, and ...


Well, you wanted scholarly sources, so here is one in "Seventeenth Century Hebrew Books Volume 2" by Marvin J. Heller 2011 p. 665: Caro's authorship of Maggid Mesharim has been disputed. A number of writers, particularly those who did not wish to attribute a mystical work to a leading halakhic authority, questioned Caro's authorship, an attribution that ...

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