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We see an indication in the commentaries of the parsha of Avraham and the malachim (Vayeira) that three malachim came to Avraham and two came to S'dom. The commentaries state that each malach actually is created for "its" particular task and when that task is over, the malach no longer exists (Mesechet Baba Metziah 86b). We also see in discussions about ...


Compare it to a Shaliach of a king, when ever a king would send one out to give a message to the people they would say: the king has spoken. Or when his troops would go out to war: The king has conquered. Because those would represent the king. The only question I have is how and if the malach HaShem would differ from any other mention of malachim.


What is a malakh? There are a number of opinions, I will discuss one of the most famous, that of the Rambam in the Moreh. I've included the pertinent parts of the extensive discussion of the subject of malakhim in the Moreh, down below. To summarize the Rambam's points, Malakh HASHEM can refer to a variety of entities, forces, thoughts and/or persons who ...

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