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The Maharal in Nesivas Olam (Nesiv Hoavoda 12) discusses the issue of Machnisei Rachamim. He is completely in line with the Rambam that it is absolutely Assur to pray to angels. However, he writes that it would be ok to say it as a command rather than a prayer. In our case, this 'prayer' is actually telling them to wait rather than begging or praying to ...


Never did the Rambam understand this declaration as a "prayer" nor at any time did he deem requests or favors be permissible to ask of mal'akhim ("angels"). In an article written for the monthly newsletter of Makhon Mosheh and Halikhoth `Am Yisra'el - Or HeHalikhoth - by Rabbi Dr. Hhananel Sari (Shevat, 5773), the position of the Rambam from his own ...

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