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The Moshav Z'keinim (Breishis 25:27) writes that the year in the teiva wasn't reckoned in Noach's age because the natural order of the universe wasn't functioning. אלא שנה שהיו בתיבה לא חשיב לפי שלא שמשו סדרי בראשית


Ramban (Chapter 9, Verse 12) argues that the rainbow existed before the Mabul. However, only after the Mabul did Hashem select it to serve as a sign of His covenant to not cause another Mabul. The rainbow is a reversed bow. One who wishes to indicate peaceful intentions reverses his weapon away from the person he is greeting and points the weapon towards ...


Rav Hirsch writes on Noach 9:12 It is by no means necessary to assume that hitherto there had been no rainbow and to place it in connection with the atmospheric changes which occurred after the Flood. Just as Hashem showed Avraham the starry heavens and said, כה יהיה זרעך, as He showed Moshe and Aharon the new moon, and with the words החדש הזה ...

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