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I don't know whether my answer describes real situation — it is an idealized model. Firstly, you get income. Based on this, let us define: base Ma'aser income, , based on which Ma'aser is paid. It means that you should give (where ) to your local Rebe. base state tax income, , analogously — tax is payed based on this value. In general, what you should ...


That is one reason that many people count estimate the gross ma'aser as after withholding and then count any income tax refund as "income" for the purpose of ma'aser after the tax has been paid. Thus, the recursion that you suggest does not occur. Halachically, the ma'aser owed is calculated at particular times (even if you keep track each month). If on the ...


You give whatever maaser you think is appropriate and God will adjust your income accordingly.

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