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Welcome to J.SE; we prefer broader questions, but let's speak in more general terms. and I promised Hashem that I will give maaser on any and all income that I receive, because it is a required mitzva. That's the key right there. See this source sheet from Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner, citing Pit'chei Teshuva YD331:12 and many other sources that maaser is ...


According to this site there are 2 ways to take care of Biyur Maaser Sheni coins. Destroy the coin to the point where it is no longer legal tender. You could bend it out of shape, shave off the face or cut it in half. Rav Dovid Lau suggests to beat it with a hammer until it's not recognizable. According to the Chazon Ish you can redeem the value of the ...

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