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As I explain in More Maaser and Tax Math and as can be seen in Maaser Kesafim: Giving a Tenth to Charity this is the equivalent of having made a neder to give a minimum percentage to tzedakah. Thus, one is obligated as soon as the income is received. However, one can maintain a ledger of income as it comes in and tzedakah as it is distributed so that one can ...


Following @Yirmeyahu's lead I found my copy of the Eye of the Needle with the full copy of the article you are looking for. I scanned it here. See end of page 3 and page 4. It is not a straight interview of R Moshe Feinstein but an essay based on his call for action to yeshiva students.


The short answer to your first question is yes. The short answer to your second question is any income from any source. As explained in When does the obligation of Maaser money begin? ma'aser applies to any income (including an income tax refund). For example, a person getting money from tzedakah is still chayav to pay maaser on that income. That is because ...

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