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I do not know about Teaneck, but the following is a list of shuls that I know about that say ma'arovith in the New York area. All these minyonim say the Ashkenaz (German) version printed in the Rödelheim machzor. Ma'arovith is recited on all yomim tovim with the exception of Rosh haShonoh and Yom Kippur. According to the Frankfurt, A.M. custom they are ...


While many shuls don't make Kiddush on Sukkoth, Many others do. According to the Mishanah Berurah only the 1st 2 nights of Pesach are exempt. (See ArtScroll Machzor.) In some places the chazzan or Shamash makes Kiddush in the shul's Sukkah if there is one.


Yes, except for the 1st two nights of Pesach when there is an obligation for people to make Seder and drink 4 cups of wine. Kiddush, then, is the 1st cup. Source: Halachipedia. There is a debate if, nowadays, we should be saying Kiddush in shul, altogether. In the days of the gemara, the Rabbis instituted saying Kiddish in shul for the travelers who ...


You may want to study - in depth - the Tosafos in Chagiga 9b which has an analysis of the status of Maariv as a Reshut, nowadays. או תפלה של ערבית. אתיא כמאן דאמר "תפלת ערבית חובה". ואפילו למאן דאמר "רשות", בחנם אין לנו לבטלה אם לא ע''י אונס קצת, וכן משמע ההיא דתפלת השחר (ברכות דף כו.) "שכח ולא התפלל ערבית מתפלל שחרית שתים" וכן (שם דף ל:) "אם שכח ולא ...


From: Is it Time for Maariv? By Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff Rabbi Kaganoff points out that Rav Yosi ben Chanina in the Gemor makes the statement that each of the Avos instituted one daily prayer with Yaakov in Vayeitzei being shown to have instituted Ma'ariv. The question that arises is how Ma'ariv can be a reshus when Yaakov Avinu caused it to become ...


The Rambam (Tefilah 9:9) and Rashba (Responsum 1:183) write that Maariv's status as reshut is the reason there is no enactment for the leader to repeat the Amida aloud for those who don't know how to pray.

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