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Beurei Hatefila - page 2 of the article, cites Avudraham's Laws of Birjat Kri'at Shema. Summarizing, he states that in the daytime we ask G-d that He should rescue us at that moment. That explains the use of a verse that contains the word: Go’Aleinu which represents the present tense. At night, we thank G-d that He rescued us that day from an ...


Mishchas Shemen volume 2:123 asks this exact question. He concludes that he has to Daven Maariv again.


In one wakes up after Chatzot HaLayla he should pray Arvit and after Arvit, bless Birkot HaShachar, and even if he goes back to sleep after all of that he does not bless Birkot HaShachar again in the morning. There is a debate regarding "הנותן לשכוי בינה" which the Shulchan Aruch (46, 13) says not to bless before Alois HaShachar but the Mishna Berura brings ...

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