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Pesach Hadvir 268:7 - line 10 says that since Vayechulu is a Eidus that is well known, even ladies can be witnesses for this. On line 15 he says that a man and lady can say it together. Kaf Hachaim 268:36 mentions this source.


Shulchan Aruch 127:2 The Rema says that we say Sim Shalom any time we have a tefilah that is fitting for the blessing of the Kohanim to be included. This is based on the end of the discussion of the Shemoneh Esrey in Talmud Megillah 18. The Amidah should end with a longer and more specific blessing of Shalom to end the tefilah. Mishnah Berurah to 127:2 ...


there is no reason a woman can not daven maariv. halacha does not go according to rashi who says women may not to those things which they are not obligated to do b/c of spefic time requirements. perhaps when doing so it would be best not to consider it for themselves a fixed obligation b/c of the principle of maalin bakodesh vein moridin for the times they ...

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