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There are two different types of gzeirah shava specific words were part of the mesorah but the pesukim used and / or the actual item that was derived from the gzeirah shava may not have been part of the mesorah. The content of the limud was part of the mesorah but not the words used in the gzeirah shava. Halichos Olam Shaar 4. See also Ramban sefer ...


I once asked a rebbi of mine this very question, in a different context. The Gemara in Kiddushin 14b discusses a Gezerah Shavah using the word שכיר, a word that is found a number of times in the sections of the Torah that deal with slaves/servants. Tosofos there, s. v. מוכר, takes the liberty of applying this Gezerah Shavah to other instances of the word in ...


The Sefas Emes here says that the gemora continued to investigate because the refutation only succeeded in showing that the argument that the case was mentioned only incidentally was flawed, but maybe the assertion is still true anyway even without the attempted proof. Thus, this is the sequence of the gemora: The gemora asks about the permissibility of ...


As the other answers stated, the main difference between נבילה וטריפה is the טומאה. However, there are also other differences, such as אותו ואת בנו (see שמלה חדשה טו); in שלחן ערוך פב where ביצת טריפה is אסור but ביצת נבילה is not; and (lamely) someone who makes a vow נדר not to benefit from one but left the other alone. These are found all over שמלה חדשה ...


The Rambam never permitted cooking Nevelah meat with milk. He only permitted deriving benefit from the mixture. Cooking Nevelah meat with milk is still prohibited (Maachalot Asurot 9:6).


Tosfos agrees that boneh is assur min hatorah when it is not for yom tov. As such, there is a maris ayin to carry a ladder since an observer may very well suspect the ladder carrier of fixing a roof for a non yom tov need.

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