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To answer a mistaken premise of the question -- boneh is possible on the human body. See Shabbos 107a: המפיס מורסא בשבת אם לעשות לה פה חייב אם להוציא ממנה לחה פטור If someone pops a pimple on Shabbos -- if he did so to make an opening, then he is liable for punishment; if he intended to remove the pus from inside, he is not liable Rashi there ...


Long debated question, קצות החושן brings this question down as a מחלוקת among the ראשונים. The following is based on part of this shiur: So how exactly is שלוחו של אדם כמותו? One side sees the messenger as a person on his own, given the power, or permission, to create consequences for the sender, where usually one could not do so for another. The other ...

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