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Shulchan Aruch O.C. 672:2 שכח או הדד ולא הדליק [....] ומיהו הני מילי לכתחילה; אבל אם עבר זה הזמן ולא הדליק, מדליק והולך כל הלילה. ואם עבר כל הלילה ולא הדליק, אין לו תשלומין If one forgot and didn't light, or purposefully didn't light [....] however, this is only lechatchila; if [the end of sunset] has passed and one didn't light, they should light ...


This is not a complete answer but just my impression. I am assuming that the underlying concern is one of mitzvah haba b'aveira, a mitzvah whose performance comes about through the commission of a sin. In the case of Channukah candles, there is no requirement to use ANY menorah http://www.dailyhalacha.com/m/halacha.aspx?id=2789 so if I can be mekayem ...


In short, the mitzvah to light has already been fulfilled by your wife, assuming she's Jewish, as per answers and comments to this question, and you have already gained the mitzvah via your wife's lighting. The fact that others in the household light the candles is what is called hiddur mitzvah - enhancing the mitzvah. If you're following this rule, you ...


Rabbi Moshe Feinstein actually addressed a similar concern, Maris Ayin with regards to your lights on timers -- an onlooker will see your dining room suddenly -- click! -- lit up. He allowed it; so I'd assume the same should apply here.

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