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The relevant discussion is in S.A. O.C. 240. The Mechaber seems to forbid without exception (the Taz brings the Arizal that says the same thing). The Ramo allows an indirect light (as in through a sheet or reflected off of a wall), however the Taz and the Shach there both say that in such a circumstance it is limited to the same exception as by day - one has ...


See the Rambam in הלכות איסורי ביאה Ch 21:10 that it's forbidden. However, it would seem, that having the lights on before and after the act would be allowed - along with everything else in 21:9. ט אשתו של אדם, מותרת היא לו; לפיכך כל מה שאדם רוצה לעשות באשתו, עושה--בועל בכל עת שירצה, ומנשק בכל אבר שירצה, ובא עליה בין כדרכה, בין שלא כדרכה, בין דרך אברים. ...

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