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Yes. The two groups are perforce distinct. Either your ancestor along the male line is David or Aharon (or neither, of course). It is a simple impossibility to be a descendant of both, along the male line, which is what counts.


A Kohen or Levi could be called to any of the later aliyot (but not the 3rd one). One should also generally avoid calling up 2 kohanim or 2 levi'im in a row, as this may appear to question the lineage of the first one. See the Shulchan Orech: https://shulchanaruch.wordpress.com/187-2/


The question can also be asked that even in the times of the מקדש the cohanim were duchaning when they went home. So did the Levi in his hometown wash the kohen's hand? From the pasuk in bamidbar יח-ב we see that the Levi had the privilege of helping in the avodah and the pasuk uses the word "to serve you " so perhaps this also went outside the mikdash if ...

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