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The Gur Aryeh explains this Rashi. He cites the question of Rabbi Eliyahu Mizrachi (the Re'em) והקשה הרא״ם, דכבר כתיב בפרשת שלח (במדבר יג, ל-טו) שנים עשר אנשים, כל אחד בשמו, ולא נכתב כלל אחד משבט לוי עמהם, and then answers: ואין זה קשיא, דהאי ׳מגיד׳, פירושו, מה שהוצרך משה רבנו עליו השלום לומר לישראל ״שנים עשר אנשים״, כדי לומר משה לישראל ...


Sifsei Chachamim brings this question from Rabi Elazar Mizrachi who left it as a question. The Sifsei Chachamim goes on to suggest that this limud is to tell us that Shevet Levi was not even involved in the council to send spies. He quotes Rashi, who's words are now clearer, who says Levi was not with them, but did not say Levi did not go with them.


It says "animals" in verse 47. But if that's not enough for you, ibn Ezra clarifies that "animals" in verse 30 (which you translated "cattle") means animals not otherwise listed but "animals" in verse 47 means animals generally [i.e. including those listed in verse 30].

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