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Your question is referred to in the review Beis Hillel כסלו תשס''ה under the title “Why does not a kohen make a blessing שעשני כהן". Rav Asher Anshil Schwarz asked the question and offered several answers. Relevant to your question is: From the Mogein Shaul He also cannot make the blessing “שלא עשני ישראל ” because a kohen is included in the ...


The Leviim are just as much owners of the land as any other tribe. The cities of the Leviim were apportioned to them by lottery in the same way as the rest of the land (see Malbim Yehoshua 21:2) and they were complete owners. However, you may be right in thinking that their ownership might be different in this regard. The Gemara tells us that ארץ ישראל ...

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