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With regard to question #3: According to Prof. Eugene Fidell of Yale Law School, who is an expert on government labor law and the military criminal la, the congregant would have no defense to a charges of unlawful disclosure of classified information if he disclosed classified info to s civillian rabbi. Therefore, the annswer to question #2 is moot. His ...


Why not transplant the tree? Do your best to do the job well. If it doesn't survive, would you be considered as one who destroys the tree?


See here Rambam (Melachim 6:8) writes that if the tree is causing any type of damage, one may destroy it. While the Kaf Hachaim (YD 116:85) writes that one shouldn't destroy a fruit tree to build an extension, most poskim allow one to (See Rosh, Bava Kama 91b; Aruch Hashulchan ibid; Yabia Omer ibid). R’ Ovadia Yosef (Yabia Omer YD 5:12:5) ...

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