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Just a thought - one of the components of the prohibition of lifnei iver is giving bad advice (Sefer Hachinuch). Some use this to explain how helping someone violate a Rabbinical prohibition could be catergorized as a Biblical violation of lifnei iver, because it is bad advice to do so. So if someone would ask you whether or not they should hooble, and you ...


Taken from an article by Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz: The Rambam (Avoda Zara 12:6) rules that one is only prohibited from removing peyos with a razor. Cutting peyos off with a scissor that provides a cut as short as a razor is completely acceptable. (The Darchei Teshuva (181:2) writes, based on the Sefer Hachinuch, that one is merely exempt from punishment, but ...

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