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The Sefer Avnei Yashfei 8:54:1 writes that if one forgot to put on teffilin and was mekabel shabbas after plag and even made kiddush(actual story happened) he can put on teffilin since he accepted shabbas by mistake and would not forgo his mitzva of teffilin if he remembered. He brings a few sources for support,the Taz 600:2,The Shoel U'Mashiv 2:23 and it is ...


The Maharal says that the twilight period before the first Shabbos has a dual quality. It is still Friday, so it is still a day of creation, but it is Shabbos, a day above creation. So the things created at that time are of a miraculous and not of the natural order, but are still creations of G-d. The Midrash Shmuel says that since Adam sinned before the ...

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