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It's a Yiddish abbreviation for Kein Ayin Hora - or in Hebrew Bli Ayin Hara. Simply stated without the evil eye; we're not discussing [something] in order to get [it] punished due to our jealousy.


I'm not sure about Ashkenazim, but Tunisians sing a whole bunch of songs in their own Judeo-Arabic (look up Nathan Cohen's recording of the haggadah), most of which are not in the Ashkenazic haggadah, and at least some Italians (check www.torah.it) sing Echad Mi Yodea and Chad Gadya in Italian. Abraham Baer has Chad Gadya in German in his compendium Baal ...


This question seems to be predicated on the assumption that one only fulfills the mitzva to study Torah through study of the Written Law, or at least a special mitzva with study of the Written Law. (This may indeed be the case see here). The question is then whether a translation of the Written Law counts as the Written Law itself (or perhaps the Oral Law). ...

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