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The Gemara in Berachot 13a says that there is a dispute about whether the Torah was given in Lashon ha-Kodesh or in every language. The Shitah Mekubetzet ibid. cites the Ra'avad who explains that the question is about Torah study: if the Torah was given in every language, one can study it in every language, but if it was not, then one only fulfills והגית בו ...


It's helpful if said bochurim plan to learn almost any post-Talmudic Torah literature too. Commentaries on the Gemara, commentaries on Shulchan Aruch, responsa, and much else use a lot of Talmudic expressions.


I am rather surprised at the answers here. There is nothing wrong with learning gemoro in English. But the fact is, it was written in Aramaic. Anyone who has learned meforshim will tell you that each word is 'counted'. There are no superfluous words. Every word contains a chiddush! No one can write like that today, so the English translation is not like the ...


Rambam writes fairly emphatically in a responsum that Torah study depends not upon the Hebrew language, but upon the intent of the words: ואין הפרש שהבין אותו הענין מלשון קודש או מלשון ערבי או מלשון ארמי הכונה היא הבנת ענינים בכל לשון שיהיה There is no difference if he understood the matter in L'shon Hakodesh (Hebrew), or in Arabic, or in Aramaic. ...

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