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As Clint already mentioned, the obligation to bring doves applies to a Zava - one who bleeds between the expected times of her period (to oversimplify). So most women never had this obligation. Another missing piece is that the woman does not have to bring the doves immediately - she can accumulate the obligations and bring them all together. As long as ...


I once asked this question. The part about the korban offering only refers to more unusual zaavaah flow rather than the typical niddah flow. I, like you have done now, once understood the last paragraph about the korban to pertain to both of the previous two paragraphs about niddah and zaavah rather than just the penultimate zaavah paragraph.


I heard a recording in which R' Yosef Veiner attributed this to the general approach of the Moreh Nevochim not being meant as anything other than palatable answers for those who were "straying." However, that entire approach to the Moreh is very tenuous, ואין כאן מקום להאריך. R' Yaakov Kaminetzky in Emes L'Yaakov on Chumash, Vayikra 1:9, resolves a ...


Probably the same standards used in Arachim (see 3rd Perek) and codified by the Rambam in הלכות ערכים וחרמים פרק ג In a nutshell, we pay up his debts (as they have an earlier lien) and then we provide him with food for 30 days. He gets basic living conditions (roof, bed, Tefilin and weekday clothes) and a basic set of tools for his trade. We then sell his ...

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