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R Yosef Shalom Elyashiv is quoted in Mishmeret HaTaharah (by his student R Moshe Mordechai Karp) Siman 195 footnote 207 and 209 as ruling that if her husband is used to hearing her voice (רגיל בו) and she isn't singing specifically to him (whereby R' Elyashiv thinks there would be a general problem of levity שחוק וקלות ראש) then there would be no prohibition ...


There's nothing you can do. Just don't pay attention to her voice (assuming, for the sake of the question, that your Rov holds kol isha is forbidden even for Shabbos zemiros). If you tell her to stop, or even hint, that would be perceived as rude, and it would alienate her from Yiddishkeit and perhaps prevent her from coming closer to observance. If she ...


Because they're lovers. And lovers can and should do all sorts of ervah-related things in private that don't belong in public. (That verse is actually the Talmud's prooftext.)


Shir hashirim is in the form of God speaking to his lover/wife Israel. Even if voices are ervahs for you and me, the husband is obviously permitted to his wife's voice and see her real hair and other things.

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