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The practice among the Kohanim that I know is to leave from before the Yisroel is called up until after he starts Baruchu. Then they come back. If they come back before that, they may need to get the Aliyah and the Yisroel held that Bimah until the third Aliyah. Source - observed practice (I was the Yisroel in that situation many years ago - and that is ...


It appears from the Rambam (הלכות גירושין פרק י :כ-כ"ב) and other places that once a couple behaves as husband & wife, then they need a Get to become divorced - and permitted to marry other people. As a result, their divorce as a real one, and would disqualify her from marrying a Cohen.


A very useful basic guide to these laws is “The Kohen's Handbook” by Rav Yochanan Alexander Lombard. On p124, 5, Rav Lombard says that a metal car does not block tumah and a moving car is called an “ohel zoruk” that does not block tumah. (He reports an opinion that a car with closed windows may protect kohanim from tumas ohel of a non-Jew.) Similarly to to ...


The Limmud for "before the punishment" is from Kaasher Zamam, not Kaasher Asu (what they planned to do, not what they succeeded in doing). With a Challal, when the Eidim are made Zomminim, the whole Challal is undone and it is as if it never happened. So in the end they were only planning, they didn't succeed, so they are still under to the din of Kaasher ...

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