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Nice question. To me it seems that to begin with, the whole concept of having a system wherein people compete to "win" a mitzva opportunity is a tricky matter. If indeed everyone's intention is pure about it, i.e. all participants genuinely want to fulfill Hashem's mitzvah for it's sake, and competing is but a means to express that desire, then fine. But ...


Mishna in Makoth 2:7 וְכֹהֵן גָּדוֹל שֶׁהָרַג , אֵינוֹ יוֹצֵא מִשָּׁם לְעוֹלָם A Cohen Gadol who kills goes to the Ir Miklat forever. They would have to appoint another one, to do the Avoda on Yom Kippour, as the first one looses his previous job, as the Rambam הלכות רוצח ושמירת נפש at (7:14) says about all those sentenced to Ir Miklat, after they can ...


Chayim K'halacha question 223 - Rabbi Boruch Shlomo Blizinsky - says a Kohain may go on the paths that lead to Auschwitz however may not enter the area where the incinerators are.


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