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According to my Rabbi, there is no obligation on a cohen, or anybody, to subserviently do any kibud (honor) asked of him. The rabbi did say that for the priestly blessing, if the cohanim are called, any cohen present is required to participate. He continued with stating that saying no at first would actually be proper ettiquete, as not to come of as ...


If you want a specific source which says it (although something that deducible often doesn't get said outright) here is one. The Lubavitcher Rebbe Toras Menachem 19, Achron Shel Pesach 5717 p. 286-287: ועפ"ז יובן מה שמצינו שגם הגאולה העתידה תהי' ע"י משה רבינו, שנקרא "גואל ראשון" ו"גואל אחרון" ... וידועה הקושיא: הרי משה רבינו הוא משבט לוי, ומשיח ...

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